Eat enough starch to improve stamina:

To ensure freshness, requiring the player to eat a sufficient amount of starch in the daily meals. So, should enhance the starchy foods include potatoes, bread, cereals, rice, pasta …

The food contains many starches include bread, cereals, rice …

However, should also limit the sweets contain sugar cake, sweets, jams in there … will cause physical decline.

Protein develop muscle strength:

For the players, the strength of muscles, flexibility is the deciding factor for the conserving speed, shot just ensure flexibility, subtle in the way, for the ball.

Therefore, the protein is indispensable in the menu of the player. These foods contain protein include chicken, fish, eggs, low-fat milk, tofu … In addition, calcium is also essential for skeletal system (the rate of injury in football players is higher than the other sports). Many calcium in milk, yogurt and cheese.

Provide sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals to increase resistance

Vitamins, minerals and fiber are the three most important nutritional factor for increasing resistance to the body. For the players, dense episode schedule regardless of sunshine, rain, mist wind … should the resistance be put on top to be able to compete with any forecast.

Therefore, vegetables, seasonal fruit is the indispensable sustenance of the players. Vitamin A has a lot of sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, mangoes, kale … Vitamin C in peppers, oranges, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, strawberries … very good for health and fitness.

Fish oil enhances the ability to focus

When played, in addition to speed, look at the person, at the ball, to require the players need brain development, the ability to focus in the match to not happen errors. Therefore, the best approach is to take fish oil supplements (salmon is best) and fats from nuts for the players.

In addition there was out, to avoid the kind of red meat (beef), butter, milk fat, cream …

Provide enough water for the body

When tracking the players on the field can find them sũng “wet” sweat “as the” bath. So, more than anyone, they need to replenish the full water not only after but also before the match.

For the players that need a little more sea salt.

To evaluate myself or not drinking enough water is due to the color of the urine, thereby providing adequate amount of water needed for the body.

When the urine is white (light), demonstrates the already drink enough water and do not need to drink more. However, if it is yellow, the need to drink more water-½. If yellow is darker then the body is lacking in heavy water (risk fell in at training or competitions) need additional water.

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For the football player, the career lasted only for a certain time (older age health decreases, the ability to observe, the subtle, cleverly also greatly reduced).

So, in order to compete successfully, apart from the innate qualities, they also need to comply with a nutrition science with a menu full of protein to muscle growth, starch to improve stamina, types of minerals, vitamins to strengthen resistance, fish oil to increase the focus on the field. In addition, the need to enhance the fruit juices, mixed a little more sea salt to compensate loss of salt through sweat after fight

France is not only famous for its dreamy looks romantic or fashion but by the exquisite culinary.
10 delicious hard sexual on French soil
France is not only famous for its dreamy looks romantic or fashion but by the exquisite culinary.
1. French Macaron

Anyone ever been to France, the French culinary favorites are mind-blowing homemade confection. The cake that made the bridge, cleverly demonstrates the sophistication of the French people. Just bite a piece of Macaron is the soothing aroma of saw it melt on the tongue. Macaron circles, there are many lovely colors, and hundreds of different kind, very artistic presentation at the cake shop in France.

2. onion tart

Onion tart delicious especially when eaten with salads or appetizers. The Roman Empire was the main bread crispy crispy pizza Empire and the cake portion on the fragrance smell the onions cause no one can resist.

3. Chicken Provence

Chicken stew is the specialty of Provence, in southern France. The raw materials of it is the result of olives, tomatoes, garlic and herbs, made piece of chicken just tingle, just beautifully aromatic back extremely palatable.

4. the Crepe Cake

Crepe cake with lots of different recipe is the perfect dish for all circumstances: appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dessert for dinner. There are a variety of different traditional types, Crepe made from sugar and lemon essence but famous and easy Crepe cakes “on” is the best Crepe with chocolate ice cream and bananas.

5. two French fries

This is the kind of chips for France and is probably also the most delicious in the world. Potatoes salt and pepper damping are fried twice gold and Super brittle makes any culinary adherents are “swallowing saliva”.

6. serial Clafoutis

Clafoutis is a kind of cake with egg-milk cream (custard) and crepe. Typically, the cake is made with raw materials results do highlight serial, however some stores also innovate by other fruits.

7. Cassoulet: Ragu meat and beans

It takes hours of processing, the talented chefs of France can make perfect Cassoulet dishes. Meat, sausage, beans, potatoes, meat duck and goose meat is stewed up a fragrant flavor.

8. the Profiterole cake bulging character

A hard outer crust covered with chocolate ice cream and the cake inside was creamy mellow makes the hearts of all the faithful culinary “melt”.

9. grilled skewers with Bearnaise sauce and sweet potato

Bearnaise sauce is kind of French tradition and taste of it blend perfectly with grilled skewers of meat. Before tasting the delicious sauce with meat dishes, SIP the sweet potato chips are arranged very beautifully.

10. Apple Tart cream covered Frangipane Cake dreams

Traditionally, a pie Frangipane tart made from pears and apples, but with the new dream ice cream variations are making of this cake.

So what time is best for running? The best time to exercise depends on several factors. One of them is the goal sought.

If you want to get biological aerobic endurance -capacity allowing a prolonged effort to maintain an average intensity or undertone, do an hour or another does not change the performance.

While for anaerobic endurance training – short-term effort to a very highly strength, flexibility, speed, strength and power especially performs much better in the afternoon (from 18.00) and evening. Morning body temperature is at its lowest point, with lower blood flow. In the afternoon the body temperature rises, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury: the muscles are warm and flexible. If you compete in any form, it is important to train at the same time of the competition.
To increase muscle mass, especially train early (before noon) or late afternoon. Your hormones help you achieve your goal.

If what you want is to lose fat, you should do it in the afternoon, when our metabolism starts to decrease. With the exercise will accelerate making also continue consuming calories even after the exercise is completed, faster than if you train them in the morning. The ambient temperature also influences. The colder it is, first thing in the morning or late in the day, the more calories you can burn.

What is the best time of day to run?

All runners have their little ways. Especially regarding entrenamiento.Pero times, better run to first or last hour of the day to perform more comfortably an effort quality? Some truths are imposed, beyond the personal convenience … What time is best for running?

In morning

Although adept at jogging early in the morning THINK otherwise, it is not the best time to run.These are several explanations:
– Body temperature is lower causing stiffness muscular.Por level is therefore quite difficult to take action: the first kilometers cost more.
– Lung capacity is pretty mediocre whatever level corredor. For this reason, the feeling of effort is often stronger in the morning than at the end of the afternoon.
– Glycogen stocks have begun to eat at night – even if you take a balanced breakfast before starting correr. Therefore, the agency has fewer reservations and get tired faster.
Despite these physiological changes, training earlier in the day is still an excellent way to start the day and prepare for dynamically working hours. This morning run is also an exercise that forges a good mental.
The morning session type is ideal: From 40 min to 1 h with cadence resistance (less than 75% of maximum heart rate) without seeking an intensive pace.
At noon
What time is best for running at noon? Many runners choose to run during the lunch break (choosing not make even a full meal) in order not to reduce leisure time after time laboral. Anybody – without being at its peak – has better performance than early in the morning. For both more effort, you can cualitativo. The following advantages:
– Train at noon, instead of in the afternoon, leaving the body more time to digest the constant workouts increasing the pace cardíaco.Facilita sleep at night.
– Noon session is often more concentrated because the level of general fatigue is lower than that after a full workday.
It is difficult to have much time available at noon, except for the purposes of semana.Por is therefore preferable to decide in advance the agenda of the session in order to control time as precisely as possible.
Ideal noon session: After a warming of at least 20 minutes, making a split (on track or nature) .For example work: 10×400 m 6×800 m (in track), 6×3 or 3×6 min min (in nature ). Finish with a recovery of approx. 15 min.
Late in the afternoon

What time is best for running in afternoon? Between 17 h and 19 h the body is more efficient. According to numerous studies carried out on runners (and also swimmers and cyclists), performance increases from 5% to 10% late día.Potencia muscle and lung capacities: all indicators are favorable. By the way, it is advisable to opt for best running shoes for plantar fasciitis 2016.

Therefore training should, whenever, possible, before cenar.Sabiendo it is difficult to motivate yourself to go running at the end of día.Se been found that morning runners are most assiduous training that runners who prefer the second half day.

The ideal session in late afternoon is: After a warming of at least 20 minutes, train the desired work pace for competitions futuras.Y to end the session, conducts series of sprints (10 times 30/30 to 5 sometimes two minutes fast, one minute trotting). Remember staying safe when running in the dark.
Beyond the achievements to reach

The runners should be integrated in the most harmonious way possible in family life and better profesional.Es make some sacrifices – especially when approaching a competition – but training should never be a source of imbalance on a personal level.
Therefore, it is preferable not to be obsessed by schedule some sessions and forget the expectations of training in ideal conditions and achievements constantly increasing. In the morning, at noon or late afternoon: one kilometer always equate to 1,000 meters. It must prevail run satisfaction!
It is advisable not marked a strict schedule – nor a tour – of entrenamiento.Haciendo work the body differently and consistently get more steady progress.